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ABMT is an independent non-profit organization that brings together professionals and enthusiasts in the field of biomedical technologies, promising areas of science and business.


Our mission is: "To develop, improve and promote professional and institutional disciplines of biomedical technologies in Uzbekistan for the benefit of members, the public and the scientific community."

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  • Creating a community of professionals and enthusiasts in the field of life sciences.
  • Creating an environment for professional development and the search for new career opportunities for scientists and entrepreneurs.
  • Development of biomedical laboratory diagnostic technologies. Creation of an expert platform for outsourcing tasks in the field of biomedical technologies.
  • Providing a platform for finding investors and strategic partners in the field of innovative business.
  • Education and popularization of science and modern technologies.
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of international, national and regional projects and programs aimed at improving the level of biomedical laboratory diagnostic technologies.
  • Protection of the rights and common interests of the parties involved in the process of biomedical research.


  • Educational events telling about science and its applied aspects, technological entrepreneurship, career opportunities for specialists in the field of natural sciences.
  • Information resources (website, pages on social networks) with the latest news in the field of life sciences and the innovation environment, information support for friendly events.
  • Joint training programs in collaboration with the Institute of Human Immunology and Genomics.
  • Ensuring coordination and interaction of members of the association.
  • Development of strategies and tactics, development and implementation of practical measures to ensure and improve professional activities.
  • Development and expert evaluation of quality management systems for equipment manufacturers and consumables.
  • Development of international relations in the field of biomedical laboratory diagnostic technologies.
  • Attracting foreign and domestic investors.

 Providing assistance to educational institutions in improving the training, professional development and retraining of personnel in the city.